Couple runs against each other for office

(Photo: KOMO/CNN)
(Photo: KOMO/CNN)

MONROE, WA (KOM/CNN) – A Washington couple is running against each other for a school board seat in their community.

Nancy Truitt Pierce and Joel Selling are normally seen walking through the streets of Monroe, WA, but now they can also be seen running for the Monroe School Board Director for District 2.

"I asked my wife, 'Wouldn't it be a hoot if we both ran?'" Selling said.

The duo is hoping to oust the incumbent, but they have got to get past the primary first. Out of four candidates running for the same seat, the two with the most votes will move on to the general election, meaning they could run against each other.

"I would be excited if that happened, because I think it's an opportunity to demonstrate that politics can be different," Pierce said.

For people who think they are doing this just for fun, they say they are serious and they are rooting for each other, no matter how tense things might get in the race.

"It doesn't have to be tearing the other person down," said Pierce.  "It really can be respectful between peers that both bring something important but different, and isn't that the way politics ought to work."

The incumbent says running against a married couple does not scar her, but she does admit a four-way race is a challenge.

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