Police: Man brutally attacks girl, fights firefighters

SUMMERVILLE, SC (WCSC) - Police say an 18-year-old man was arrested after he forced a girl off the road, beat her and fought three firefighters in Summerville.

The Summerville Police Department charged Myles Deandre Moultrie with assault and battery, three counts of assault on a town employee and malicious injury.

The 16-year-old victim says that she was getting a ride home from two of her co-workers Saturday night. The girl said she noticed Moultrie, whom she knew, pulling up to the parking lot in a Honda Civic and told the driver to keep driving.

Police say Moultrie then began to follow the three who were in a Nissan Altima. According to police, when the victim's car stopped for traffic, Moultrie got out of his Civic and began yelling.

Authorities say Moultrie continued to follow the Altima to the intersection of Hutson Drive and Boonehill Road. A police report states that as both cars went through the intersection, Moultrie pulled in front of the victim's vehicle causing their car to go into a deep ditch on Luden Drive.

The victim said that Moultrie then got out of his car and started banging on the Altima's driver's side window saying, "Get out of the car!"

According to the victim, as she crawled to the back seat in an attempt to get away, Moultrie ran to the rear passenger window and punched the glass. The victims says that Moultrie then opened the door and started punching her in the face.

The girl said that Moultrie hit her more than five times before grabbing her by the hair and arm and dragging her out of the car. Police say Moultrie then threw the girl into a ditch and started hitting her in the face and head.

According to a police report, at one point, Moultrie went to the top of the ditch and jumped on her. The victim said she was screaming for help during the attack.

Meanwhile, the girl's two co-workers ran to a nearby fire station for help. Investigators say when the firefighters came to help the girl, Moultrie began fighting them.

One firefighter says that as he attempted to stop the suspect, Moultrie punched the firefighter in the ribs. When the firefighter attempted to detain him, the firefighter says that Moultrie struck him in the chest.

According to officials, Moultrie began to chase one of the victim's co-workers. When one of the firefighters attempted to stop Moultrie, the suspect charged right into the firefighter, jumped a fence and continued to chase the co-worker, police say.

A police report states that as two of the firefighters tried to stop the suspect, Moultrie struck both firefighters and continued the chase.

Fire officials report that when two firefighters went to assist the girl, the suspect began to charge towards the victim. Two firefighters say they, with the help of a citizen, then tackled Moultrie and restrained him until police could arrive.

The girl was transported to MUSC. Moultrie was locked up at the Dorchester County Jail.

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