The best ways to keep your car's AC in top shape

Mechanics are working overtime as car air conditioners put in more effort in this triple digit heat. Many drivers are bringing their vehicles into repair shops complaining about poor cooling from their AC units.

At the Good Year in West Ashley, mechanics say regular AC evaluations can help make sure whether your auto AC is working well.

The cause of poor cooling often includes a component failure or refrigerant leak. Technicians aim to get ACs cooling to the 40 degree range full blast.

"We get phone calls on a regular basis. We're getting customers coming in complaining of poor AC performance," says Good Year manager Jason Scarborough." They had a system that was worked on before and now it's not working properly. At which point we need to rediagnose the system."

Some tips to beat the heat when entering a hot car:

-Roll your windows down an inch or two when you get in, allowing the hot air to escape

-Turn the AC recirculation switch to off, and when it blows cool air again turn it on

If you ever find a problem with your unit that you aren't sure about, take it to a trusted technician.

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