Local celebrity chef Brett McKee stunned after firing

Brett McKee (Source: Harve Jacobs)
Brett McKee (Source: Harve Jacobs)

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Celebrity chef Brett McKee said Thursday he's still trying to find out exactly why he was fired from the Roadside Kitchens restaurant group.

McKee joined Roadside Kitchens in September and helped open three restaurants, in Mt. Pleasant, on James Island and in Charlotte.

"I woke up last Friday morning to an e-mail and the e-mail basically said that I was terminated from the Roadside Kitchen," said McKee. "That was a total shock, totally blind-sided because it's a concept that I started."

McKee says he's been trying to find out why he was let go.

"In the e mail I got they said it was a financial situation, just wasn't working out. I haven't had any correspondence with my partners, had nothing except a couple of e mails."

Roadside Kitchens officials declined to say why McKee was fired.

"Roadside Kitchens is building a concept, not a personality," said chief operating officer Dianne Lamm. "Chef McKee has never been a partner, has no contract and has never had any ownership in the company."

McKee's attorney Paul Hulsey said his client's company has a minority interest in Roadside Kitchens.

McKee said no matter the outcome in his dispute with Roadside Kitchens, he's not calling it a career, "Last night I looked in the mirror and I held it up to the back of my head and there's no eyes in back of my head, so the future's in front of me."

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