Program helps suspected drug dealers go straight

City officials reporting the progress of "Operation Stand."
City officials reporting the progress of "Operation Stand."

NORTH CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Authorities say five suspected drug dealers who were given a second chance have succeeded in going straight.

The five were among 15 people who were arrested in January as part of "Project Stand", which targeted drug dealers in the Charleston Farms neighborhood in North Charleston.

According to US Attorney Bill Nettles, the five have remained drug free and are getting their GED.

However three others failed and are back in jail.

"As we told them from the very beginning, we said if you get into any trouble this is one chance, you get one pass, and they went out and re-offended," said Nettles.

North Charleston is the first city in the state to take part in a program like this. Nettles says the program will be expanded into other neighborhoods.

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