Adoption brings together a mother and daughter separated by 74 years

By Susan-Elizabeth Littlefield - bio | email

CAMDEN, SC (WIS) - A newly-finalized adoption in Camden is showing that there's nothing quite like the bond between mother and daughter, even if that relationship is anything but traditional.

Elizabeth Rogers is 79 years old, and has been fostering Asia through DSS since she was 9 months old. But now through adoption, Asia and Elizabeth are officially a family.

Asia has a new dress and a cake, but it isn't a day to celebrate her birth -- it's about her life. "I'm getting adopted," she said.

"Sometimes they think I'm her grandmother," said Rogers. "She says, 'Oh no, this is my mommy.'"

Elizabeth got Asia when she was just a baby from DSS. She often takes in foster children, but little did she know one would never leave. "At 18 months, they asked me if I wanted to keep her," said Rogers. "I said I would keep her as long as possible, if need be. They said, 'no, we mean to adopt her.' She was there, jumped out of her chair, got into my lap and we both were crying. She understood everything."

So at 79 years old, Elizabeth started the process to make official what was already certain. "I didn't birth her but from the beginning, but she was mine and that's it," said Rogers.

That age difference does make for some interesting genealogy. One of Asia's "nephews" is 10, and the other is 25! "I call her my cousin," said Christopher Key. "I don't care if she's my aunt, she is my cousin."

If you're wondering why they call Christopher's aunt special, it's because she sings, speaks Spanish and reads long-form books like the Bible. "Look at me and tell me I'm not blessed," laughed Rogers. "This almost-80-year-old woman."

And on a June day in Camden, a judge decided that was young enough to become a mom again. "This is truly the day God had made!" said Rogers, who hugged the judge with Asia.

There may be a 74-year age difference, but the mother and daughter could not be closer.

If something were to happen to Elizabeth, her older daughter would take custody of Asia. But Elizabeth says she's got every reason to stick around -- she wants to see Asia fulfill her dream of being a lawyer/astronaut/pianist.
DSS is hoping the message here is that they are not looking for foster or adoptive parents who fall into an age bracket or mold, just ones that are a fit.

If you think you want to look into adopting, call 1-888-227-3487 or click here.

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