Suspect in Orangeburg rape, murder faces a judge


By Jack Kuenzie - bio | email

ORANGEBURG, SC (WIS) - A suspect accused of shooting and killing a man -- setting off a manhunt in the process -- was in an Orangeburg County courtroom Monday afternoon.

Investigators say Carvin Holman lashed out first at a woman, kidnapping her and raping her late last week. Then, they say he turned his anger toward 45-year-old Anthony James of Holly Hill.

On Friday, the sheriff's department found James dead in his front yard, shot in the head. "He's number nine of 10 children and to die a violent death like that in his yard, of course it's had a big impact on family," said James' niece, Shavon Gordon. "We wasn't expecting this. We're not prepared for this. You know he has a grandchild on the way that he will never see."

Holman, also 45, disappeared after the shooting. Orangeburg County launched an air and ground search that failed to find Holman until Saturday, when one of the suspect's friends called in.

Holman was found hiding in his van on that friend's property. He's now facing four charges including murder. "Right now, the only thing I will say is he did give us a confession on the shooting of Mr. Anthony James," said Maj. Rene Williams.

The search took an unusual turn before Holman was taken into custody, when investigators stumbled onto a sizeable moonshine still. They seized 45 gallons of illegal liquor, and later shot the equipment full of holes.

"It was a well-developed and managed still, like it was probably managed daily," said Williams.

One man is charged in connection with the moonshine operation.


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