Residents on alert after burglaries, car thefts

SUMMERVILLE, SC (WCSC) – Police say residents of South Pointe are waking up to find someone was in their house during the night and that their keys and car have been stolen. They say during the month of June there have been two home burglaries, and four car thefts in the different sections of the South Pointe neighborhood.

"We've been here 14 years, the first ten years we've been here we've never had any problems. The police are really good about patrolling the neighborhood. You will see them once or twice a day," Rhonda McGraw said.

The neighborhood homeowner's association is keeping residents on high alert posting bulletins and informing people on the HOA website. Residents are spreading the crime alerts by email, reminding each other to keep their eyes and ears open, and not to be too trusting.

"I keep my car in the garage, windows are locked, and all my doors are dead bolted," McGraw said.

Summerville Police Captain Jon Rogers says residents must keep car doors, house doors, and windows locked at all times, especially if you're home. He says two of the four car thefts also involved a suspect entering an unsecured home at night to steal the keys and other items.

"It's a very dangerous situation where either the perpetrator could get hurt or the homeowner could get hurt, or both. It's far too dangerous for people to be leaving their windows open at nighttime or leaving their house unlocked," Capt. Rogers said.

Police say in one of the car thefts the victim told police he thinks he left the keys in his SUV and that the SUV was unlocked.

Some victims reported missing credit cards, sunglasses, ammunition, and a GPS device as well.

Police found one of the stolen trucks. Right now, police have no suspects.

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