Police: 6 men busted for dealing cocaine near school

NORTH CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Authorities arrested six men accused of dealing cocaine near a school in North Charleston.

The North Charleston Police Department arrested 52-year-old James Eric Wilson, 66-year-old William Polite Jr., 24-year-old Reginald Jarvarus James, 28-year-old Deanglo Mauree Gray, 28-year-old Cedric Ramaal James and 35-year-old Kenyatta Ondricka Hamilton.

All suspects were charged with trafficking cocaine and possession with intent to distribute cocaine base. According to investigators, the arrests happened within 1/2 mile of James Simons Elementary School on 2685 Leeds Ave.

The North Charleston S.P.E.E.D team responded to a vacant lot on Bennett Yard Road in reference to possible drug activity. When officers arrived they found all the suspects sitting next to each other.

A police report states as the officers began talking to the suspects, Reginal James threw a plastic bag on the ground and began grinding it with his foot.

Officers say they managed to retrieve some of the white rock like substance in the bag.

During the investigation, authorities found two plastic bags filled with cocaine and another bag of green plant like material buried under a small mound of white sand.

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