Authorities prepare for Fourth of July traffic

COLUMBIA, SC (WCSC) - The South Carolina Department of Public Safety, along with the Highway Patrol are preparing for an increase in traffic along South Carolina roads during the Fourth of July weekend.

The SCDPS is cautioning motorists to be proactive in preventing collisions on both the highways, and waterways, as many will be celebrating with friends and family.

Last Fourth of July weekend, five people were killed in motor related accidents. The last time the holiday fell on a Monday was in 2005 when there were 17 fatalities.

In addition to the upcoming holiday weekend, we are also in what is called the '100 Deadly Days of Summer', a period of time when fatalities increase exponentially on South Carolina roads. Last summer, 208 fatalities occurred.

"Summer is the time of year when we often see fatality and serious injury collisions rise as people are on the road more for summer vacations," said Highways Patrol Col. Kenny Lancaster Jr. "Driving while impaired can also rise during summer months as people party at the beach or lake and then choose to get behind the wheel."

It is those types of collisions that the Highway Patrol are looking to avoid this weekend. By increasing the number of highway patrolman on the roads, as well as including specialized DUI teams, State Transport Police and local law enforcement agencies, police will be looking to make sure that South Carolina's roads, as well as waters, will be safe.

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