Water safety high priority for Holiday weekend

Water safety high priority for Holiday weekend

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - The American Red Cross is encouraging people to practice water safety over the Fourth of July Holiday weekend as many people will be out swimming, boating, or fishing.

In a national survey by the Red Cross, 78 percent of households said they plan to do at least one water-related recreational activity this summer, and the long holiday weekend provides an opportunity for families to take part in these activities. The survey also found that 37 percent of those people described their swimming ability to be either "fair, lacking or nonexistent".

Furthermore, 13 percent said they were unable to swim at all.

"Learning how to swim and maintaining constant supervision of those in or near the water are crucial elements of water safety," said Libby Lynskey, Health and Safety Director of the American Red Cross, Charleston, SC Region. "This Holiday weekend, as we head to pools, lakes and beaches, we urge families to make water safety a priority."

To ensure safety, the Red Cross recommends designating at least one adult to act as the groups 'lifeguard', and to keep an eye on those in the water around them.

Water safety tips, along with information on swimming programs, can be found by calling 843-764-2323, or by clicking here.

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