SC man arrested after deputies find moonshine still

LANDRUM, S.C. (AP) - Spartanburg County sheriff's deputies have arrested an Inman man after they found a moonshine still, up to 2,000 gallons of illegal liquor and $150,000.

Sheriff Chuck Wright says the arrest and seizure follows a 10-month undercover investigation of the operation in Landrum.

Forty-4-year-old Michael Eston Blackwell is charged with 13 counts for the sale, manufacture and storage of illegal liquor.

Master Deputy Craig Bradley says two other men have made arraignments to turn themselves in to deputies next week.

Officers also seized four vehicles.

Deputies say there were two dozen 55-gallon drums at the still.

The investigation started after narcotics officers received complaints about moonshine being sold at a roadside stand.

It wasn't clear if Blackwell has a lawyer.

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