Drive-through burgers and beer

(Photo: CNN)
(Photo: CNN)

(CNN) - A recent move to put two American icons, fast food and cold beer, on the same menu is making customers question whether or not alcohol belongs at fast food establishments.

The trip to fast food joints used to be all about burgers and fries, but it's slowly becoming about beer and wine too.

More fast food restaurants are trying to lure customers in by offering alcohol.

Two Sonic locations in Florida will soon begin selling beer and wine at their stores.

There will be a choice between three draft beers, 25 bottled ones and 10 different ones, but the chain said it will not serve anyone who orders in their car.

Sonic isn't the first fast food place to offer alcohol. Burger King serves beer and wine at its specialty "Whopper Bar" locations.

Chipotle sells booze and so does Starbucks in four of its stores, and plans to add a fifth in the fall.

The movement may be because some fast food restaurants are having a hard time competing with chains like Applebee's and Friday's which give diners the option of an affordable meal with a drink.

And an expert said that offering beer and wine can help boost slow evening business.

But the practice is drawing a lot of critics who worry about people having a quick meal with a drink, and then getting behind the wheel.

Others worry it sends the wrong message to children, and some said the combination of fast food and beer could add to the obesity epidemic.

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