Mechanic found asleep in SUV parked in middle of the road

Andrew R. Yarbrough (Source: Charleston County Detention Center)
Andrew R. Yarbrough (Source: Charleston County Detention Center)

NORTH CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Police say they have arrested a Coast Guard Reserve mechanic who was found asleep in an SUV which was parked in the middle of a road in North Charleston on Saturday.

The North Charleston Police Department charged 23-year-old Andrew R. Yarbrough with public intoxication and unlawful carrying of a firearm.

An officer says he was on patrol when he saw a Ford Bronco with a utility trailer attached parked in the middle of Mazyck Road facing oncoming traffic.

According to investigators, when the officer approached the SUV, he could see Yarbrough slumped in the driver's seat and unresponsive.

The officer says he then shook Yarbrough to wake him up and noticed a strong odor of alcohol from his breath. Police say Yarbrough's eyes were blood shot and his speech was slightly slurred.

A police report states that when Yarbrough stepped out of the truck, the officer noticed that Yarbrough was unsteady on his feet. When the officer asked Yarbrough why he was parked in the middle of the road, Yarbrough said he pulled off the road to sleep because he was too tired.

Yarbrough said that he did security at Brindis bar and was in the Coast Guard. When police arrested Yarbrough for public intoxication, he told the officer that he had a gun in his car.

Investigators say a Walther P22 pistol was found between the driver's seat and was loaded with eleven rounds.

The military told authorities that Yarbrough was in the Coast Guard Reserves as a mechanic. Yarbrough was locked up at the Charleston County Detention Center.

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