77 convicted of cockfighting in Greenville County

GREENVILLE, SC (AP) - Dozens of people have been convicted in a Greenville County cockfighting raid.

Solicitor Walt Wilkins says Tuesday 77 people in all have been convicted on charges from a June 2010 raid on a cockfighting operation in northern Greenville County.

Wilkins says most of the defendants pleaded guilty and paid fines soon after their arrests.

Property owner Samuel D. Boyd and several others pleaded guilty last week just before their trials were set to begin.

Deputies say they found several covered fighting pits and wooden bleachers for spectators. They also found a grinding stone used to sharpen blades attached to the birds' feet and a mass grave for birds killed in the fights.

In all, Wilkins says the 77 people paid more than $28,000 in fines.

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