Suspect in hostage hoax says he is the victim, curses at judge

Anthony Murray, left, and Cassius Clay Davis (Source: Charleston County Detention Center)
Anthony Murray, left, and Cassius Clay Davis (Source: Charleston County Detention Center)

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Bond was set at $25,000 for a man accused of telling a clerk at a downtown bank that he was being held hostage.

Police charged Tony Murray with filing a false police report. As Murray walked away from the bond hearing on Thursday, he cursed and the judge brought him back, charged him for contempt of court and was given five days in jail.

During the hearing, Murray insisted that he was the victim of a crime and that he could prove it.

Bond was also set at $25,000 for Cassius Clay Davis, whom Murray said was holding him hostage at the bank. Davis was charged with distribution of cocaine in a previous unrelated case.

Court documents state that Murray owed Davis money for crack cocaine.

Authorities say Murray walked into the Wachovia bank on Wednesday and told the clerk that the man he was with was holding him hostage. According to investigators, Murray claimed the man had a gun and told him to withdraw money from his account. The clerk called police, and they swarmed the building.

Police say Murray admitted that he wasn't held hostage, that he actually owed the other man Cassius Clay Davis, 47, money and made up the whole story to avoid paying him.

Murray was charged with filing a false police report in reference to a felony. Davis was not charged in Wednesday's case, but he is being held by police for an outstanding warrant related to cocaine charges.

Murray has a long criminal history that includes lying to police. His rap sheet goes back to 1984 when he was arrested for disorderly conduct and possession of stolen goods. Murray was also arrested and charged with burglary, assault and simple possession of marijuana in 1986.

The crime string continues into the 1990's with arrests for simple assault in 1995 and assaulting a police officer while resisting arrest in 1996. Several other arrests for violating check laws and cashing a fraudulent check happened in the late 1990's. Murray was again arrested for giving false information to police in 2001.

In February, Murray was arrested for criminal domestic violence in the first degree. Police say that Murray and his ex-wife, Supreamer Ellington were both arrested after a physical altercation that started over money.

Ellington told police that the two got into an argument over money because Murray wasn't working. She said he punched her in the mouth and chased her around the house with a chair. She also told police that she fought back and Murray says she picked up a lamp and swung it by its cord. Both were arrested.

In June, Murray was arrested for violating a Summerville town ordinance.

Davis was arrested for possession of crack cocaine in 1993.

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