Cops: Woman beaten, burned with hot flat iron, then arrested in meth lab bust

Amber Marie Bloodworth, left, and Julie Patrick (Source: Summerville Police Department)
Amber Marie Bloodworth, left, and Julie Patrick (Source: Summerville Police Department)

SUMMERVILLE, SC (WCSC) - A fight with a hot flat iron between a boyfriend and girlfriend ended with Summerville police finding a meth lab. Two women have been arrested, but a third male suspect is still on the run

Summerville police were dispatched to 130 Town Square Road last Wednesday in reference to a criminal domestic violence call. Officers found 23-year-old Amber Marie Bloodworth with burns on her arm from a hot flat iron.

Bloodworth told police that her boyfriend, 36-year-old Edward Lester Twele Jr. beat her with the flat iron and fled the scene before police arrived. Investigators later discovered a meth lab in the home and arrested Bloodworth and a third woman, 45-year-old Julie Patrick, who lived at the home. Officers are still looking for Twele for the alleged assault and possible drug charges.

When officers arrived on location, they found Bloodworth frantically crying and saying that she needed to go to the hospital. Bloodworth told police that her Twele got into an argument when she tried to wake him up for work. Twele's ride was waiting outside blowing his horn, but Twele got mad and told her to tell the ride to leave, she said. Bloodworth told the ride that Twele was not going to work that day, but asked if he would give her a ride.

As Bloodworth was gathering her things, Twele allegedly took a hot flat iron used for her hair, out of her hand and began striking her with it. Police say Twele burned her right arm four times. Bloodworth then ran out of the residence and hid until police arrived.

She was transported to Trident Hospital by Dorchester County EMS and treated for second degree burns on her forearm. Patrick, who lives at the home and was letting the other two stay with her, told police that she heard Bloodworth screaming "Get off me" and observed Twele put Bloodworth in a head lock as she tried to bite his arm.

During the investigation into the physical altercation, police discovered methamphetamine at the residence and determined that the drug was being manufactured at that location. Patrick gave officers consent to search the area of the home that Bloodworth and Twele were staying in.

During the search, police discovered drug paraphernalia and pornography scattered across the room. They also found a small black case on the floor with multiple syringes and a cut piece of straw. There were coffee filters with no coffee pot on the dresser. Officers smelled a strong chemical odor in the room, according to the police report.

A red backpack found in the bedroom contained plastic tubes and glass containers with tubing on top of them. Officers determined that the items were used in a meth lab. At that point, police say Patrick told them that Bloodworth gave her three to five plastic bags of meth and asked her to put them away. She told police that the bags were in her dresser.

Bloodworth and Patrick were both arrested on drug charges. Twele remains on the loose. Officers later found a clear plastic bag containing a pipe and .25 grams of meth down the back of Bloodworth's pants after she was taken into custody.

Bloodworth and Twele were both arrested in December 2010 on drug charges. Twele was charged with distribution and manufacture of methamphetamine while Bloodworth was charged with distribution and manufacture of cocaine.

Summerville police are continuing to investigate the incident.

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