Save hundreds on groceries by learning how to use coupons

If you need extra cash but don't have time to commit to a part time job, changing the way you grocery shop can save you hundreds of dollars a month.

Tuesday morning, WECT's Carolina in the Morning went grocery shopping with local coupon expert Delly Mellor.

As a wife and mother of three young children, Mellor knows that the cost of food can easily break a budget. The trick she says, is to look for sales and to use coupons.

Mellor runs a couponing workshop to teach people how to get started and where to find the best deals. The next class is Saturday, June 9th at the Northeast Regional Library on Military Cutoff Road.

In the class, Mellor explains how to create and maintain a binder with coupons that will easily get you several items for free and many more at deeply discounted prices.

She organizes the binder by aisle, and as she walks through each aisle, Mellor will find the item that matches the coupon. She prefers to shop at Harris Teeter where they double the coupons every day and offer hundreds of products on sale every week.

One of the most common reasons people tend to shy away from couponing, Mellor says, is that it "takes too much time." However, she says if you take an hour a week it will lower your grocery bill in half, and that tends to add up to more money and less time than it would take to work a part time job.

Another complaint? They only find coupons for boxed items or junk food. "Not true," says Mellor. You can actually go online and search for a specific item and find an online coupon for it. This week, for example, Harris Teeter was offering eight ears of corn for only two dollars.

The trick to buying produce is to only buy what is in season, and wait for it to come on sale. "Everything goes on sale eventually, says Mellor. Just be patient, and in the meantime look for the coupons."

Mellor also advises that you can find some of the best discounts at grocery stores instead of big box stores, because while the superstores offer every day low pricing, the grocery stores will slash prices even lower when they go on sale.

To learn more about couponing or to get started, contact Mellor at
or call (910) 338-4875.

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