Mystery lingers for family seeking answers in son's whereabouts

WALTERBORO, SC (WCSC) - A Walterboro mother is still searching for answers six months after her son disappeared.

On Jan. 8, Colleton County sheriff's deputies responded to a shooting at the intersection of Koth and Baker Streets. Deputies believe Daquan Williams was the victim, but they never found his body.

"We know in our heart that he is dead, but we just want to know," said Daquan Williams' mother, Sherry Williams. "Just let us know that much."

Williams' mother and aunt are trying to cope without closure.

"The first two months they were looking and questioning people involved but after that it just died down," Sherry Williams said.

Now they family is left to grieve without having a body to bury.

"I have family to talk to when I'm feeling depressed, but coping? Oh my god," she said.

Williams has pictures of her son displayed on the coffee table to serve as a constant reminder of her son and to keep searching for answers.

"This is what helps me, for some reason it helps me," she said. "It's very hard to wake up in the morning and go on not knowing what happened to him."

Williams turned 19 on Christmas day and that was the last memory this family has to cling on to.

"Then he was nowhere to be found, nowhere to be found," said Williams' aunt, Eartha Cunningham.

On Friday the family had a memorial service to remember their lost loved one.

Even though his body has never been found, the family says they know in their hearts he is dead.

"I know he wouldn't be out there, and not let some of us know," Cunningham said.

No arrests were made in the murder of their son. Deputies did arrested Emmanuel Buckner, a man they called a "key person of interest."

"Whoever did this to Daquan feels OK I got that, it will be somebody else," she said.

The Colleton County Sheriff's Office says this case is still open.

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