Four recent meth lab busts have residents worried

DORCHESTER COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - Residents of a Knightsville neighborhood are worried after four recent meth busts in Dorchester County.

The busts were made over a 30-day period, two of them in the Dorchester Regency subdivision.

"It's disgusting," said longtime resident Stanley Baker Jr. "I really have no use for anything that goes on in this neighborhood."

Dorchester County Sheriff's Major John Garrison said the meth busts do not signal a resurgence in the number of meth labs. Garrison said most of the meth labs were discovered when deputies responded for a different crime.

"In the past one we had a domestic call and while the deputies were there it was kind of inadvertently they found the lab," he said.

According to Garrison, the sheriff's office has responded to 16 meth labs calls so far this year. He said that includes mobile meth labs and so called "dump sites" where empty containers and meth cooking materials were found.

The Berkeley County Sheriff's Office has busted one meth lab this year, according to spokesman Dan Moon.

The Charleston County Sheriff's Office hasn't busted any meth labs this year, according to spokesman Maj. Jim Brady.

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