Fire chiefs satisfied in response time to James Island fire

JAMES ISLAND, SC (WCSC) - Several fire department agencies were on hand answering concerns that residents on James Island say it took firefighters more than 20 minutes to respond to a house fire on Saturday.

The James Island fire chief, Charleston City fire chief and director of consolidated dispatch were all in attendance on Tuesday and said they were satisfied with the response of fire crews to the James Island fire.

According to phone records presented, Charleston City dispatch took the call, transferred it to consolidated dispatch in 17 seconds and James Island fire crews were sent out a few minutes later.

Phone records indicate it only took nine minutes for the first fire truck to arrive. Officials say the victims inside the building were already saved by a neighbor by the time fire trucks arrived.

Fire officials state that the closest fire station to the fire is 107 on Camp Road. According to authorities, everyone in that fire station was in training, so a station that was further away responded.

All fire chiefs say they were satisfied with the fire crews' response.

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