Kan. poultry farm loses 4,300 turkeys in heat wave

WICHITA, Kan. (AP) - A heat wave engulfing Kansas has killed about 4,300 turkeys at one farm.

Holly Capron said Tuesday she and her husband have been running big fans and fog nozzles for days in their poultry buildings, and they've had a tractor pulling a spray wagon to water down the birds.

But none of that was enough Sunday, when the heat soared to 110 degrees with a heat index of 118. Capron says it was 106 degrees in the buildings where they raise 22,000 turkeys under contract for Butterball.

Capron says it took more than 26 hours to dig a 10-foot-deep hole and bury the dead birds. Each turkey weighed nearly 50 pounds.

Farmers in top turkey states like Arkansas, Missouri and North Carolina also are struggling to keep birds cool.

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