Group of teens remodeling homes in Walterboro

WALTERBORO, SC (WCSC) - Over 230 kids in junior high and high school from all over the country are in Walterboro this week.

The kids are part of the Christian organization World Changers, which does mission work all the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico. The group helps those less fortunate make necessary improvements to their homes.

The 230 teens are divided up into 16 different homes in Walterboro. They are working hard to re-do roofs, paint siding and install wheelchair ramps in one home.

"It makes me happy to see all this work is making them happy," said one of the homeowners, Molly Kearnes.

The temperatures are reaching extreme levels. The heat index on Wednesday was over 110 in degrees Walterboro. The teens say it is hard work, but it's not keeping them from getting the job finished.

"You get used to it after a while. The first day I was out here I was like 'Wow!' but now it's getting better," said Bobby Allen, a crew chief for World Changers.

Before the kids take on big tasks, crew chiefs train them in using tools correctly and how to do the job safely. The teens are using tools like nail guns, power drills, ladders and other construction tools.

"A lot of them have never climbed a ladder before, so that was exciting for some of them," Allen said.

World Changers will be finishing up in Walterboro on Friday. Then, they will head to another city to continue to do their work.

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