Hot jobs: Despite working inside, bakeries can get toasty

WEST ASHLEY, SC (WCSC) - It is hot enough working outside and for some folks working inside isn't any cooler, especially if you work at a bakery.

Bakeries are already a toasty place to work without the extreme heat, but for one bakery in West Ashley, their employees are finding other ways to try and stay cool.

Ben Johnson, production manager at Normandy farm artisan bakery, says their employees try to find alternative ways to stay cool.

"Here at the bakery we usually just go up to the retail area which is nice and air conditioned and have a cup of coffee or glass of water," Johnson said.

While drinking plenty of water and cooling off in the retail area, is good for a short time, it doesn't take long for his employees to start felling the heat again.

"Standing in front of the 600 degrees stem injected ovens that tend to bring the temperatures up a good bit," Johnson said.

But at this bakery, temperatures regularly dip into the hundreds.

"I've seen it in the hundreds, but today hopefully we don't hit that, but with the humidity it definitely feels that way," Johnson said.

For folks who work in eight hours or more in the heat, it's recommended that you drink plenty of water, take regular breaks, and report to your supervisor if you start feeling dizzy or sick.

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