SC inmate files for DNA test, claims to be father of Caylee Anthony

SALTERS, SC (WCSC) - The possibility of another twist in the Casey Anthony case may take place right here in South Carolina.

Court records obtained by Live 5 News show that an inmate at the Williamsburg Federal Correctional Institute in Salters has self-filed for a DNA test, claiming he's the father of Caylee Anthony.

The documents in the case of Christopher Umberger (Umburger) versus Casey Anthony show Umberger filed a paternity suit to prove he's the deceased 2-year-old's father.

The Orlando Sentinel reports that Umberger is planning to file a "civil action suit" against Anthony claiming the mother harmed or otherwise led to the death of her daughter. However, a positive DNA must first be returned for the suit to be filed.

The Sentinel also reports Umberger asked Anthony be served immediately because he believes she may become hard to find after her release from the Orange County Jail expected this Sunday, July 17.

Umberger is 49-years-old and is set to be released from the corrections facility in September of next year. He arrived there after violating terms of his probation after being busted in a federal heroin distribution case.

Casey Anthony was found not guilty earlier this month of first degree murder but was found guilty of four counts of lying to law enforcement.

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