Local organization helping people create a better life for themselves

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Tim Klinner works as a temp for the city of Charleston. Four months ago he was living life quite differently.

Klinner was a resident to different homeless shelters for months where he dreamt of a better life.

Klinner found out about IES Labor Services where they helped him get the temp job and encouraged him along the way. Derek Snook, the President of IES, says his company focuses on helping their employees such as Tim Klinner, take the next step in creating a better life for themselves.

"Tim's great. He never missed a day in the four months that he's been out there," says Snook."We get great reports back that he's a great worker. He's slowly built himself up to a position where he can really make the next step in life."

IES is a giving service for any person who wants to work and eventually earn their own way and live the life they want.

"If you come to work, do a good job and you're drug free, we take our profit and put it on top directing it to your rent, electric bill, water bill whatever you want," says Snook.

This was just the motivation Klinner needed as he was just looking for the help to get back on his feet and in a job where he could support himself.

Klinner says he would eventually like to be hired on as a permanent employee for the city.

But even if his time as a temp doesn't work out, he is still proud of the progress he has made.

IES labor services places 10 to 15 people everyday at job sites around Charleston. The sites include construction, warehouse, manufacturing and clerical work.

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