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Tips to minimize pesky mosquitoes


As you and family and friends grab a bite to eat in the backyard, mosquitoes are also looking to take a bite, out of you.

"This time of year it can be almost impossible to enjoy your backyard if you have mosquitoes and it's important you don't ignore that problem because they can carry the West Nile virus," says Angie Hicks of Angie's List. "You want to take precautions to protect your family."

There are easy things you can do to make your backyard less inviting to mosquitoes. They love standing water, so be sure to empty any type of containers, even your kiddie pool once a week. Be sure to mow the lawn regularly, and if all else fails, call in the professionals.

Pest control expert Scott Robbins uses a backpack mister to deal with bugs.  It applies an ultra low volume amount of water-based insecticide. 

"We actually target the underside of the leaves of the foliage," Robbins said. "That is where the mosquitoes like to rest during the day. So whenever they rest they pick up some insecticide residual and it kills them off very effectively."

If you hire a professional, be sure to ask beforehand what type of products will be used. If you have pets and children, make the company aware of that and ask about concerns for their safety.

Be sure to keep your gutters clean too, they are also a breeding ground for mosquitoes because of standing water. Having gutters cleaned by a professional once a year should do trick. 

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