Metal detector put in Charleston City Hall after employee concerns

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Anyone entering Charleston City Hall is now required to go through a standing metal detector.

Mayor Joe Riley said Monday the detector was installed because of concerns from employees and city council members.

The mayor gave his blessing for the security measure at the urging of Charleston Police Chief Greg Mullen.

"Personally I'd rather not have it. If I said no and something bad happened that would be something I couldn't live with," Riley said.

Tourists who visited city hall said they had no problem having to pass through the detector.

"You never know who's going to be coming in, so absolutely it doesn't bother me at all," said Martin Madden.

The metal detector cost the city about $6,000. Anyone who enters city hall from the ground floor will be searched with a hand held wand.

"Seriously in today's day and age, people get upset, they don't like that they're hearing or they may not like whatever ruling they're getting, get a little hotheaded so think you protect everyone," said tourist Filomena Russo.

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