New scrap metal law looks to deter copper theft

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - A new law is making it more difficult for thieves to sell scrap metal from stolen AC units or cars.

The "New Copper Theft Law", which goes into effect on Aug. 17, will cover all non ferrous metals which includes metals other than iron.

With copper theft being commonplace in South Carolina, the new law hopes to deter people from stealing the metal and selling it for quick cash.

Once the law goes into effect, anyone who wishes to sell or transport scrap metal must obtain a permit through their county sheriff's office. Additionally, anyone who would like to purchase scrap metal will have to obtain a permit.

Sellers can choose from two types of permits; a one year permit or a 48 hour permit. Both permits are free. Buyers of scrap metal must pay $200 for their permit.

The new law also makes it unlawful to have more than 10 pounds of scrap metal in a vehicle at a time.

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