Changes proposed for Cottageville's mayor position

COTTAGEVILLE, SC (WCSC) - The Cottageville Police Department will not be dissolved, but the mayor's position could see some changes.

After months of battling to save their police department, some people in Cottageville say it's time to turn their attention to saving the mayor's power.

Bobby Teal of Cottageville says he refuses to let his town fall apart. He supported the police department when it was on the chopping block, and now, he's speaking out to the council members about weakening the mayor's power.

"They need to work together and get this problem solved and be a good town of Cottageville," Teal said.

Council member George Addison proposed getting rid of the police department last month. He says part of the reason was because of the May 16 shooting death of former mayor Bert Reeves. But another reason is saving money. Cottageville is hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt.

That motion was voted down after the first reading, but a referendum to change the form of government was discussed and may soon be considered.

"We deserve to have a council that works with our mayor and with all people that elected them," Deborah Hardwick, Cottageville resident, said.

The new form of government would be a weak-mayor strong-council system. Addison says he's in favor of it because four heads are better than one.

But most residents at the meeting disagreed.

"They seem to be interested only in their behalf, not the people of the community, and that hurts," Andrew Sotiropoulos, Cottage resident, said.

A public meeting to discuss the possible government change will be Aug. 15 at 630 p.m. The regular council meeting will immediately follow.

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