'Hit-and-Run' tearing apart victim's brother in Summerville

SUMMERVILLE, SC (WCSC) - The search continues Friday for an alleged driver after a brutal hit and run accident on Farmington Road in Summerville. Now a man wants to know who put his brother in the hospital.

"I'm angry," says Robert Hyatt. "I'm really angry."

Since last Friday's accident, Hyatt's life has been in slow motion.

"We just got through eating dinner and my brother said he was going to ride up to the store and get a pack of cigarettes," said Hyatt. "I said let me take you in the truck and he said no I want to ride the bike. Then I got a phone call from his wife saying his was hit by a car and it was a hit and run."

Hyatt says his 48-year-old brother was thrown off his bike and into a ditch off where he suffered five broken ribs and a broken hip before being knocked unconscious.

"The back rim of the bicycle is in a 'u-shape,' the handle bars are turned completely around and the bicycle is totaled destroyed," says Hyatt. Destroyed like Hyatt's faith in society.

"For someone to run over a human being and leave him on the side of the road - that tells you what our society has come to," he says. "And it's a crying shame that someone would do that and leave him for dead."

His brother was re-admitted to MUSC tonight after coming down with a fever of 102 degrees. Hyatt says doctors believe that his brother has pneumonia.

The man says he won't rest until he finds the person responsible so he's also offering $1,000 of his money for the arrest and conviction of the person that hit his brother.

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