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Proper tire maintenance could save your life

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Keeping your tires properly maintained can do more than just save you money. It can save your life.

Lots of us are trying to get in a last minute road trip before summer vacation ends, and it's a good idea to give your tires another once over before you hit the road.  Angie's List offers up some suggestions to keep you rolling along safely.

"There are nearly 600 deaths every year as a result of poor tire maintenance. Having your tires properly maintained improves your steering, your stopping and the traction of the car," said Angie Hicks from Angie's List.

David Beck, an Auto Service Department Manager, went on to give tips for rotating tires.

"We recommend anywhere from 3000 to 5000 miles to rotate your tires. It's never a bad idea to rotate your tires. It will help the tires last longer. It will keep the wear even and it's going to cost the customer less money in the long run when the tires are running evenly and more efficiently," Beck said.

Taking care of your tires can also mean more money in your pocket. It can improve your gas mileage by three percent.

Be sure to keep you tires inflated at the proper air pressure. You can usually find that information in the door jamb of the driver's side.

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