Man beaten to death at bar described as a 'family man'

SUMMERVILLE, SC (WCSC) - The men arrested for the beating death of a man outside a Summerville bar remained behind bars as of late Monday afternoon. Deputies say the fight took place early Sunday morning outside Moonshine Saloon. Berkeley County Sheriff's Office charged Justin Johnson and Jonathan Powell with voluntary manslaughter.

They say 35-year-old Ricky Duttine died from his injuries. Duttine's family describes him as an avid fisher and hunter, a father with three girls and a boy he raised as his son, and a family man.

Duttine's family attorney says he was sucker punched from behind, then kicked in the head until he was unconscious.

"If you fight, you take your licks, you win or lose. But when they're down, to go over there when your friend knocks him down, you're going to be a superhero and just kick him. He's dead because of this," attorney Donnie Gamache said.

Authorities say after the beating took place at the saloon, Duttine was rushed from here to a local hospital where he died. The men accused of beating Duttine to death, Justin Johnson of Summerville and Jonathan Powell of Ladson faced a bond court judge in Berkeley County Sunday, where their lawyers spoke separately on their behalf.

"He is just so remorseful. He does not have any record of the types of things Mr. Powell had, hit and run, failure to stop for blue light, any type of disregard for authority," Johnson's attorney said in court.

"Obviously not going to make any attempts to address the facts other than to say what he's accused of apparently is one punch, possibly under the circumstances of self defense," Powell's attorney said in court.

Hill-Finklea Detention Center says both suspects are behind bars for now. Each has a bond of $200,000.

Duttine's family didn't have much to say other than they want justice to be served. Gamache says right now they're just waiting for law enforcement to complete their investigation to see what happens next. He released this statement to Live 5 News saying this incident is "Just a shame on many levels. A young man with three little girls has been beaten to death. This is not good for the other families as well."

Berkeley County Sheriff's Office has not released any information as to why the victim and suspects were fighting outside the Summerville bar.

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