Parking plan for Isle of Palms put on hold

ISLE OF PALMS, SC (WCSC) - A parking plan for the Isle of Palms now on hold after several citizens voiced strong opposition. City planners presented city council with plans to add public parking lots in residential areas along Ocean Boulevard from Tenth Avenue to Breach Inlet.

As thousands of people flock to IOP to enjoy the sun, sand, and surf, finding a place to park can be a hassle for some visitors.

"Definitely especially on the weekends it's a real pain to try to find a place to park. You end up driving way, miles up from where you meant to be," beach visitor Lucy Elliott said.

City planners presented council members with a plan that would have added mini parking lots, holding 8-10 cars, at the beach access points along Ocean Boulevard. The mayor says the little lots would be put in from 10th Avenue to Breach Inlet.

"I guess if the people who lived here were cool with it I could see how that would sort of make everything a little easier, but it doesn't seem there is much room to make a whole lot of parking," Elliott said.

The proposal had many residents heated up, and after a lot of controversial public input and concern from citizens, city council has put the proposal on hold, to allow their planners to come up with new ideas.

For now IOP Mayor Dick Cronin says me future parking options are being studied by the city's planning committee and if any residents have questions or concerns they can call town hall or their city council member.

Even though the parking has been a problem for some visitors, others say they haven't really noticed big parking problems on the island.

"We come here throughout the year. We love this place. We've never had parking issues. We pull in, grab our stuff, and walk to the beach within a couple minutes. No issues at all," beach visitor John Wade said.

No word yet on when another parking proposal could be brought before city council again. The mayor says it could be months.

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