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Airline: Plane back in service after emergency landing in Charleston

(Photo: Mark Davenport) (Photo: Mark Davenport)
(Photo: Mark Davenport) (Photo: Mark Davenport)
(Photo: Harve Jacobs) (Photo: Harve Jacobs)

American Airlines officials say a plane went back in service Wednesday morning after it made an emergency landing at the Charleston International Airport on Tuesday.

Flight 734 was headed for the nation's capital and hit major turbulence over Florida causing the crew to make a landing in Charleston. According to airline officials, nothing wrong was found with the plane and was flown back by two pilots Tuesday night to Miami.

Authorities say two passengers and one flight attendant had minor injuries and were released from St. Francis Hospital Tuesday evening. 

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The plane was heading to Dulles International Airport with 152 passengers and a crew of 6 on board when it made an emergency landing in Charleston shortly before 4:30 p.m. American Airlines spokesman Tim Smith said Flight 734 encountered severe turbulence near the Florida-Georgia border.

"It felt like an amusement ride when you're going down. Then we shot back up and we came back down and we finally leveled off," passenger Nicole Turner said."It wasn't very fun."

Passengers were put aboard another plane and flew to Washington-Regan National Airport Tuesday night.

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