Store owners hope new Kohl's will boost their business

WEST ASHLEY, SC (WCSC) - Business owners in a West Ashley plaza hope the new Kohl's store will bring customers back to the area.

"It's something we've been dreaming of," Sharon Foster, owner of Postnet, said.

Foster said since Walmart left, she's been hoping for another major retailer to move in to the Ashley Crossing Plaza to attract customers.

She's waited for five years and said her business has taken a hit.

"People weren't sure if we were still here because everyone around us had left, so there was an assumption we were gone too," Foster said.

But she stuck it out, and her wait is almost up.  The new Kohl's is set to open at the end of September.

But now she's dealing with a new problem, construction.

In addition to renovating the old Walmart, the other stores are also getting a face-lift. That means fences have been put up, parking spaces have been closed, and stores are more difficult to access.

Across the parking lot, Baroni's Pizza has a sign out front that reads "Open During Construction."  But many customers say, looks can be deceiving.

"I drove by and saw construction and the fence and didn't realize it was open," Susie Dalton, a Baroni's customer, said.

Evan Lampkin, who works at Baroni's, said if the businesses can endure the construction for another month, the payoff will be worth it

"Instead of letting a plaza die, which happens all the time around this area, putting more life into it will help, not just business but the community," Lampkin said.

Foster agreed, saying this developing part of town needs an updated plaza.

"This area is growing with homes and developments, and we have to go so far into town to get to anything, so it's so nice to have more things on this side of I-526," she said.

Interviews for Kohl's is going on through Thursday at the Embassy. The company will hire 130 people.  To schedule an interview, call 1-877-639-5645