Mount pleasant hospital pampers new mothers

MOUNT PLEASANT, SC (WCSC) - New mother Erica Sorkin is tickled with happiness over her 6 pound bundle of joy Kaylin. Sorkin is also excited about getting a much needed massage courtesy of the Roper Saint Francis Mount Pleasant hospital.

"It was just nice to come back to the room after having the baby and seeing the gift there for you," said new mother Erica Sorkin.

The program is geared towards new mothers and is meant to give post partum pampering. New mothers can choose from either a gift card good for a 30 minute Mom Spa signature massage or a plush bath robe.

"Delivery is very challenging and we are very aware of that so we wanted to do something to relieve the stress," said Clinical Manager Happy Everett.

Mom Spa in Mount Pleasant has teamed up with the hospital to provide the massages. Mom Spa Owner Christy Schachte says although post partum can be an amazing time for a new mother it can also take a physical and emotional toll on the body.

Schacte says massage therapy can help bring much needed balance to the body.

"To have the support especially massage support that understands what you're going through and supports you and to get your body healing much faster is great,"Schachte said.

Schachte says the post pregnancy massage which uses soft to medium pressure and incorporates hot stones is meant to move a built up acid in the body and hit all of the trigger points.

"You walk out and feel I can do anything now and some of the stress is lifted and you can go back to being a better mom," Schachte said.

"Having this little bonus at the end was kind of like icing on the cake,"Sorkin said.

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