NTSB: Flying boat did loop before Dewees Island crash

DEWEES ISLAND, SC (WCSC) – The National Transportation Safety Board released new details about the flying inflatable boat that crashed July 20, killing two people near Dewees Island.

According to a recent preliminary report by the National Transportation Safety Board, witnesses say they saw the flying boat perform an aero-loop and started to do another loop when it crashed into shallow water killing 40-year-old Lucus Smith and 27-year-old Cara Donohue.

The report also stated that when the flying inflatable boat was at the top of the loop, it inverted at an estimated altitude of 1,000 feet above the water, and the wing folded and dropped straight down into the water.

Investigators also believe that weather may have played a role in this accident.

The Federal Aviation Administration inspector stated that the pilot did not hold a FAA pilot license. The pilot was required at minimal to have a sport pilot license to operate the flying inflatable boat.

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