Drivers complain about tickets at dangerous intersection

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - A recent addition at a dangerous downtown intersection is causing controversy and irritating drivers who say they are being unfairly ticketed for breaking the law.

A double solid white line was put in the road recently at the intersection of Cannon and Vaughn Streets.

Police say it was necessary because the intersection had the highest number of collisions in the city last year.

Many drivers have been crossing over the line to get to some of the fast food restaurants, and have been ticketed for improper lane change.

"I can't stress enough how many collisions occur here daily, weekly," said Charleston City Police Lt. Chip Searson.

"Very confusing to me and I've lived here all my life," said Elizabeth Bowles who was issued a citation Monday. "I think a warning would have been proper, but I don't think a ticket."

Searson said police are past the warning phase and pointed out there is a sign warning drivers about the double white line at the bottom of the Ashley River Bridge.

He said officers will be at the intersection daily, until motorists get the message.

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