Positions to be filled at Boeing Training Center

NORTH CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - NORTH CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Boeing's "Team Charleston" will soon get much bigger. The airline manufacturer will be accepting three thousand new applicants starting midnight Friday to fill some entry level positions.

Before the massive 787 Dreamliner flies out of Charleston, Boeing may need your help. The airline manufacturer is gathering applicants through an online process.

"We're getting ready to hire an additional 300 candidates to go through classes scheduled from October to March of next year. We get a yield of one candidate for every ten applications," project director Jim Maxon said.

The applications will be accepted and screened by ReadySC, a state run, eight to ten week training program for Boeing employees. The positions are for entry level assemblers and fabricators to go through training.

Job duties include:

-following electronic models

-drilling, edge filling, and assembling parts

-inspecting installations

-production accountability -maintaining records

If you're interested in one of the jobs, move quickly starting Friday at midnight, the application process closes after 3,000 applicants are received. ReadySC says of those at least 300 will be asked to come here for training.

"When they graduate from that class they automatically go into Boeing being paid for 180 days by a company named Mosely. The yield from that group is very high, the high 90%. After that 180 days the person becomes a full time employee at Boeing," Maxon said.

Project directors at the training center would not say how much money the positions pay, but say they are a very competitive salary with good benefits.

Basic requirements include a high school diploma, manufacturing experience, and previous military experience is helpful.

ReadySC says drug screenings and background checks typically disqualify 15% of the applicant pool.

The step by step online application is simple. As of Friday at midnight, go to the website www.readysc.org/787charleston or www.sctechjobs.com and click begin. Then below "Assembler and Fabricator" hit select. Then follow the steps to apply for the job.

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