Attorney claims Charleston County is double-taxing property owners

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Attorney Curtis Bostic said in an interview Thursday that eight more people are filing lawsuits against Charleston County with claims of the county double taxing their property. The first lawsuit was filed back in May by a woman who said she's been double taxed in excess of $250,000.

"I've found over 600 instances where the county has double taxed the same piece of property," said Curtis Bostic, the attorney representing all nine clients.

Bostic said double taxing usually occurs when property lines are misquoted. Charleston County assigns every piece of property a tax map sequence, or a "tax number."  If there is sloppy bookkeeping, the property lines can become overlapped.

The overlapped area then has two tax numbers. As a result, two property owners are paying taxes on one piece of property.

Bostic said you can be double taxed and not even know it.  To find out if you are being double taxed, click here.

In South Carolina, there is a statue that says if a county makes a tax error, they only have to reimburse the property owner up to two years worth of money.  Bostic said what the county is doing is no error and believes they are purposely cheating people out of money.

The Charleston County Administrator said he could not comment on the cases because they are in litigation which is standard procedure.

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