iPads now mounted on downtown CARTA trolleys

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - The City of Charleston now has its first-ever mobile app to help people get information and catch trolleys around downtown.

City officials say CARTA's 12 dash trolleys downtown now have iPads mounted on board featuring the new "City Slicker" application.

The program provides people with  tourist information or restaurants or businesses along a particular route. Videos and pictures of establishments the bus is approaching can be viewed on the iPad screens.

The program also lets you know just how far or close a particular trolley is.

"You can track where the buses are. If you are shopping and find out the bus is seven minutes away, you might have time to buy one more item before you go out on the street. It's thrilling to be at the cutting edge," Mayor Joe Riley said.

The City Slicker app also available on your own personal iPads or iPhones. The iPad information kiosks are mounted behind the drivers seat of the dash trolleys.

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