Former mayor not giving up on James Island incorporation

JAMES ISLAND, SC (WCSC) - It's been almost two months since the Town of James Island was dissolved. But former mayor Bill Woolsey is not giving up. He's working to have the town re-incorporated.

In fact, Tuesday evening, he's going door to door getting signatures on a petition to keep the issue alive.

What used to look like a mayor's office is now pretty bare. Former mayor of the former Town of James Island Bill Woolsey still shows us up every day at town hall.

"Really the town is closed. We're not meeting. We're not doing business," Bill Woolsey said."Rent is paid for the facility until the end of the month. Basically I come here and work on fourth incorporation."

The town was dissolved on June 20. Since then, the City of Charleston has been campaigning to annex the land, its residents and businesses. Woolsey says not so fast.

"I think its inappropriate for the City of Charleston to try and block us with the court," says Woolsey.

Woolsey and other volunteers are taking steps towards a fourth incorporation battle. If James Island is allowed to incorporate, it will be smaller than in previous attempts by 6,000 people.

James Island would be confined to the areas south of the connector and Ellis Creek and the area north of Clark Sound. To make it happen, Mayor Woolsey and his supporters need 1,500 signatures.

"We're at 300, 22% of our goal," says Woolsey.

After they get the signatures, they complete a feasibility study and then a legislative committee has to approve the plans.

Woolsey and others formed a non-profit called "Free James Island."

He and other volunteers go door to door getting signatures and also raise money for the elections they plan to have if the state approves them. Woolsey says he plans to have enough signatures by Sept. 15.

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