Cleanup started after fire destroys downtown homes, vehicles

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - A pile of burned debris has been an eyesore on Rutledge Avenue after a fire destroyed two homes and several vehicles.

Nearly two months later, something is finally being done about it. On Tuesday, bulldozers started shifting the debris while workers tossed away.

On June 30, an early morning fire left several college students homeless. Charleston city fire is still investigating what they believe is arson and could be tied to more than 50 other arsons in the area.

So far they haven't arrested any suspects. The homeowner hired a private contractor to begin cleaning up the mess.

A spokesperson for the city says as long as debris from a fire doesn't cause an immediate danger to anyone, homeowners can take as much time as they need to clean.

Clean up crews say it could take up to three weeks to completely clear away the debris.

City leaders are offering a $25,000 reward for helping find the arsonist they believe is responsible for over 50 downtown fires. Investigators say they still believe the Rutledge fire could be related to that string of arson fires.

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