Lincolnville police chief suspended indefinitely

LINCOLNVILLE, SC (AP) - A tiny Charleston County town may have lost its lone full-time police officer.

According to media reports, Lincolnville Police Chief Gary Hamner has been suspended indefinitely, but town officials won't say why.

Charleston County Sheriff's deputies are patrolling the town of fewer than 1,500 residents. The town's two part-time officers are on duty but work irregular hours.

Town Council this week rejected Mayor Tyrone Aiken's proposal to quit paying Hamner's salary as of Oct. 1. He wanted to cut back the department to one part-time officer in an effort to balance the town's budget.

He says the county patrols allow the town to cut its police department. The town's entire budget is about $350,000. It has never had more than two full-time officers.

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