Woman builds luxury accommodations for disabled cat

By Stephen Hooker - email

FAIRFIELD COUNTY, SC (WIS) - Our pets can be part of the family. They still have their place, and it's not on the couch. But when your life centers on the well-being of animals, those that are your pets are your family. So how far would you go for your family pet?

After work, Terri Williams has another job running the Fairfield Animal Rescue. She just loves animals and wants the best for them, especially the injured. "I've dealt with lots of injuries and maladies," said Williams. "I've had blind animals, I've had neurological damaged ones and they lived happy lives. Blind cats that can climb trees and feel their way down with their tails."

So it's no surprise that she took a shine to Duster. "I got her and took her to a doctor and had her X-rayed, examined and checked," said Williams. "He didn't give a whole lot of hope for her.  He said maybe two weeks to two months she had to live."

That was ten years ago. Since then, Terri has taken steps to insure duster is comfortable and happy like building this house for her, complete with wrought-iron fence, screened-in porch, handicapped ramp to a window perch and even a stove and water fountain.

These and the medical bills put Terri in a second mortgage, but she's not sorry. "I do it because I love her," she said.

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