Tire tracks paint picture of armed escapee's last break for freedom

COLLETON COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - Johnnie Lively has already told the story more times than she can count. It starts off at chocolate bars, moves to the potato chips and it ends at the counter. Lively didn't know the man that walked into her Stop 'n Go convenience store in downtown Sycamore early Saturday morning until she saw his gun.

"He walked here to the potato chip rack turned around and put the Glock in my face," says Lively, who only then recognized the man as 37-year-old Perry Sullivan an armed escapee on the run for nearly 48 hours.

"He said put your hands in the air," she remembers. "So I did."

Sullivan was considered armed and dangerous by authorities since assaulting a Georgia deputy in a prison transport and escaping into the woods Thursday.

The stop at Stop 'n Go was Sullivan's down fall.

"He said now you come from around behind the counter because you're coming with me," says Lively. "And [he said] I want the keys to that navy blue SUV out there."

Lively's husband, Bill Wicker, returned to the store and couldn't believe his eyes.

"Next thing I know I'm coming back and he has come through the door and put the gun on her and two of my customers," Wicker says. "And was trying to get her to go with him."

But Lively never got in the car. She along with the two customers were forced into a closet and then Sullivan took off.

The Allendale Sheriff's office says the escapee started racing down Highway 641 crossing into Colleton County and heading toward Walterboro. An off-duty police officer heard the 911 call, saw Sullivan, and the chase began.

But less than five miles later, it ended. Tire marks from more 10 vehicles painted the scene at the intersection of Highways 601 and 641.

Which proved to be the end of the road for Sullivan and the end of a nightmare for Lively and the small town of Sycamore.

"We've just had sleepless nights the past couple of nights," says Lively. "Knowing that he was back in Sycamore, we were terrified."

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