Tips for those with diabetes to beat the heat

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Endocrinologist Dr. Anita Ramsetty with Roper Saint Franics hospital says diabetes affects hundreds of thousands of people in our state.

Dr. Ramsetty says with the blazing temperatures outside this season, knowing you have diabetes is half the battle.

"Every part of your body can be affected by diabetes and its pervasive and it's something that once diagnosed really needs a lot of attention,"Ramsetty said.

Dr. Ramsetty says one key thing the heat can cause in a diabetic patient is to have an impaired ability to sweat.

"It you can't sweat effectively, you are more at risk to develop heat stroke without even being aware and a lot of the early signs are mild,"Ramsetty said.

Another key to beating the blazing heat is staying hydrated and drinking plenty of water before your body tells you that you're thirsty.

"By the time you are thirsty you are 20 percent past what you should have been when you started hydrating,"Ramsetty said.

Being careful of not get a sunburn is also key because in a diabetic burning can lead to infection.

"Sunscreen is more important for someone with diabetes because they don't heal as well,"Ramsetty said.

Dr. Ramsetty says keeping your medication on hand is important but if left in a hot car, the heat can ruin both your insulin and supplies.

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