Social media keeping people up-to-date with storm

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Social media resources are an increasingly important part of Hurricane Irene coverage as the southeast region is threatened by the storm.

At Wi-fi hotspot Ladles in Charleston, Gary Hoeft is checking out Facebook. There are many sources to find out all about Hurricane Irene, but people like Hoeft are part of the fastest growing trend these days, social media.

"I know myself I don't have time to sit in front of the television like I used to so having a phone connected to Facebook or Twitter it keeps me updated. It keeps me connected to the rest of the world," Hoeft said.

Local emergency officials say get connected with the local media for information on the storm.

"The local media is going to have local issues, local information for us right here. Citizens should monitor the local media to keep up with what the storm is doing, what any announcements that we may be doing," Charleston County Emergency Operations Center Director Cathy Haynes said.

Live5News has many ways for you to connect with us for the information you need including:

- Facebook: Search Live 5 News fanpage

- Twitter: @live5news and @live5weather

- Weather app: Available for iPhone and Android phones

- On the Web: is your source for real-time weather chats where you can speak directly with our meteorologists

"Had over 100 questions answered, a lot more than that submitted, we just ran out of time. It's that one-on-one interaction with our viewers, with our Facebook followers, Twitter followers, that allows us to give them the information they need when they need it," meteorologist Chad Watson said.

Facebook user Heather Woolwine says, "I 'like' all the outlets so it keeps me up to speed, no matter who breaks whatever news first."

Twitter user Germain_beauty says, "It's helping us prepare in our office and know what the next few days will have in store for us."

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