Rescuers still trying to save stranded dolphin

COLLETON COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - Rescuers are still trying to save a dolphin that is stranded on the Edisto River. Last Wednesday, two locals spotted two dolphins stranded near Londes Landing. On Sunday, they placed a call to NOAA to report the dolphins were in danger.

Today, over 10 rescuers with several boats tried to herd the dolphin into shallow waters.  Other rescuers tried to catch the dolphin with a net.

"He's onto our tricks. He has figured out our plan so he keeps swimming under and between our boats," said Wayne McFee with NOAA.

The rescuers started around 10 a.m. on Wednesday.  By the evening, they hadn't made any progress.

"We're going to try again tomorrow. We just have to come up with a better plan,"said McFee.

Since the dolphin has been in the freshwater for so long, its skin is turning a pinkish color and becoming ulcerated. The locals who reported the dolphins stranded, fear he won't make it much longer.

"We come out here all the time and we don't want our kids to find him dead," said Ann Whetsell.

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